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We provide medical students the tools, training needed to pass the USMLE Step & NBME

Increase your USMLE scores with proven, practical techniques and learn clinical application skills not taught in medical school!

Get The FREE Guide to Navigating Medical School

A quick-start course for what to expect at each stage in medical school and how to prepare for critical milestone exams such as USMLE, NBME & COMP

This 3-hour video course and PDF guides includes study plans, techniques and strategies to stay accountable and consistent in your study routine

Daily USMLE Study Sessions

Join Dr. Stavros on Zoom calls morning and afternoon, where he analyzes AMBOSS q-bank questions, reviews test-taking strategies, and answers all of your USMLE and med school questions.

Q-Bank Video Library

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Over 1000+ videos of Dr. Stavros analyzing the AMBOSS Q-Bank, with detailed question analysis, answer choice breakdowns, and test-taking shortcuts.

Master the "Big 3"
Learn how to apply Micro, Bio, and Immuno concepts to over 80% of the exam questions you don't know to determine the right answer

Test Taking Skills Course
Learn how to understand the exam structure, use deductive reasoning and time management techniques to boost your score

Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Build a Study Plan Around Your Schedule
Build on the foundational knowledge from Step 1 and prepare for the rigorous Step 2 CK, covering clinical rotations and shelf exams

Private Study Sessions
Studying for USMLE is a commitment, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Dr. Stavros teaches you how to systematically study at a pace that makes sense for your study plan and routine

Master Step 2 Specialties
Evaluate your readiness for Step 2 CK with simulations reflecting clinical scenarios & the actual exam structure.

Residency Match Consultation

We will help you prepare for the Match, including your personal statement, review your application and coach you through the interview process.

Referral Program

Make Money As a Student
Sign up as an affiliate and receive up to $100 for every medical school student or colleague you refer.

Unique Discount Links
Use unique referral & discount links for multiple services, including Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3, and Residency Match!

Get Paid Monthly
For every medical student you refer, you will receive a monthly credit that can be redeemed for cash or services

Daily Live Study Sessions

Full access to our comprehensive video library, assessments, and daily live online study sessions. Interact with fellow students, ask questions, and revisit materials throughout your exam prep.

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10+ Years Experience Coaching Thousands of Medical Students...

Hi Doc! I'm Dr. Stavros Vouyiouklis!

Probably like you, my passion for medicine began in childhood, and my experience as a tutor in medical school lead me to develop a curriculum addressing the lack of quality review programs for the USMLE board exams.

I've committed to guiding students worldwide through the challenging USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, ensuring success for every individual, regardless of their background.

Over 10,000 physicians have benefited from my coaching and mentorship, where I offer personalized guidance so you can excel in your medical career!